After a long standstill and wait for the feasibility study to be completed to know whether or not Famosa Canyon is feasible for development...the results are in and not good. The study determined low income/affordable housing development at Famosa canyon is feasible. Based upon the determination from this feasibility study, SDHC (San Diego Housing Commission) will release a Request for Proposals within 60 days to obtain proposals from developers for a potential affordable rental housing development at this site. Before development can occur at this site, a proposal would be presented to the PCPB and would need to obtain director-level approval from City of San Diego’s Development Services Department and approval for street vacation from the Planning Commission and City Council. A letter was sent to Mayor Kevin Faulconer from the SDHC with all this information on July 2nd, 2019. click on photo for copy of letter.


This is not the end and we will continue to to fight to make sure the community has a say!!! We need your help and join us at the PCPB meeting this Thursday as Famosa Canyon will be discussed again. Remember... SILENCE IS COMPLIANCE!!!


Peninsula Community Planning Board Meeting

 Thursday, July 18th


Point Loma Library

Successful Protest Rally! Lots of Media attention! Join us for our next petition signing event 1/26/19

It was another successful protest rally and petition signing event after the San Diego Housing Commission have begun tearing up the beautiful piece of land with bulldozers and other equipment for seismic/geological testing. All of the local news outlets were there filming and interviewing committee members and residents who support the cause. Thank you to all who were able to attend and help gather more signatures. One step closer to our mission... to stop ANY development (affordable or top dollar) and get the canyon rezoned to a open space passive park.   


Please join us this Saturday 2/9/19 10am-2pm for the next petition signature drive at


Jensons, Point Loma




In case you missed us on the news here are the links!

Fox 5 News


Channel 8


Peninsula Beacon



Sad day for Famosa Canyon...but we will continue the fight!

San Diego Housing Commission has began geological and seismic studies to Famosa Canyon. They are digging up trenches and taping off areas. However, when residents asked the third party workers for permits, they were unable to come up with one. We are not giving up the fight!


Please join us this Saturday 1/26/19 10am-2pm for a protest rally/petition signature drive at the Famosa site. 


Next upcoming Petition Drive at Jensen's Point Loma 2/9/19 10a-2pm


We need more volunteers so please contact us if you can help out!

Petition Drive Photos.jpeg

First Successful Petition Drive Weekend 9/29-9/30

It was a very successful weekend collecting signatures at our first major petition rally/event. Petition volunteers were out in full force holding signs and walking up to cars to collect signatures at our very own "drive thru signing" area in front of Famosa canyon and Park Point Loma. We gathered close to 1000 signatures!!! It sounds like a lot but not nearly enough... we must continue to get more to have city council acknowledge our cause! We are so overjoyed and excited to see firsthand our wonderful peninsula community coming together and supporting the petition. We had tons of drive by honks and thumbs up all day! Our petition drive was so popular that the SDHC (San Diego housing Commission) caught wind and notified SDPD, sent a private security guard to stop supporters & children with bikes from entering the canyon and even put up fresh "No trespassing" signs all over the canyon. However, that did not stop us and we will continue to hold more petition drives so our community will be heard! We cannot thank our volunteers enough for showing up and donating their precious time to help out with the event...We could not do it without you. We will be holding another event in the near future so please check the website and other social media for times and dates. We are always looking for volunteers as well so if you have a spare hour or two we would greatly appreciate it, just send a message via the contact us link. Check out some pics from the weekend

Insurance Agent

Petition Drive

On Wednesday August 22, 2018 the initiative was filed at the city clerks office. There is a 21 day waiting period from petition publication before signatures can be gathered. We will start collecting signatures on 9/6/18!!! Our goal is to have approximately 21,000 signatures. Please check the website or other social media for important dates and places where you can go to sign the petition. Spread the word!!! 

Broadcast Video Camera

Peninsula Community Planning Board Meetings

July 19, 2018

The last meeting the PCPB finally decided to rescind a 2017 letter recommending the Famosa property to Lori Zapf as ideal for affordable development. However the new letter remained neutral and didnt adequately represent the residents views who attended the meetings. It just reaffirmed support for affordable housing while officially taking no position in favor of or opposing development on Famosa. http://www.pcpb.net/documents/180719WorkforceHousing.pdf

June 21, 2018

The meeting ended with a victory, one of many more battles we will face in the near future. At the last meeting a letter was brought up that was written by the PCPB to the SDHC recommending the Famosa site for the affordable housing development (http://www.pcpb.net/do…/170615AffordableWorkForceHousing.pdf.)  Only a few residents were allowed to speak regarding the matter and requested the board to rescind the letter and write a new letter requesting the site be rezoned as parkland or open space. Unfortunately not all residents had a chance to speak as the chair wanted to move past this issue hastily. 
One board member, David Dick, motioned to amend the original letter with the concerns of the residents. The community and few other board members did not think that was sufficient. Another board member who has been our supporter from day one, Margaret Virissimo motioned to rescind the letter and create a new one. The board unanimously voted to rescind the letter. ( http://pcpb.net/documents/180621AWFRescindLetter.pdf)
If it wasn’t for the few non developer residents on the PCPB, this vote may have not gone through.

June 14, 2018

San Diego Housing Commission Presentation

Here’s a little summary for those who were unable to attend....

The SDHC gave a very brief and vague presentation of who they are and what they have done in other areas. They showed “pretty” pictures of completed housing units in other areas of San Diego( all which are in less dense areas). They then backpedaled from the last meeting and stated that they are in the very prelim stages of development and many more studies need to be completed... seismic, traffic and geotechnical study. When a community member requested info regarding the results of studies already completed, the lawyer representing the SDHC stated that they have not been recorded yet but when they can be accessed at the county assessor. The SDHC also kept going back in forth with the terms “affordable housing” and “low income housing” which are 2 completely different things.

Many community residents brought up valid points and questions in the discussion but the SDHC did not have answers to most and were very vague in responses. The primary concern that was repeated amongst the residents was the obvious one... traffic. Another major concern brought to the SDHC and peninsula board was the problem of population density in the area as it is already. It was refreshing to see actual residents on the peninsula board that shared many of the communities concerns, although there were a few board members that seem to be siding with the SDHC as they were former members of the SDHC 

The SDHC repeatedly stated that they are “mandated” to look at this area and see if it’s financially feasible to develop. If not they mentioned or more like “threatened” that if they can’t develop on it they will sell it at top dollar. In other words if they don’t develop it they will sell it to someone that possibly can develop on it.

Female Lecturer
SDHC memo-1.jpg
SDHC memo-2.jpg