As more and more of Point Loma, OB and even greater San Diego are carved up into housing developments, the issue of open space – or keeping it – is a genuine concern. While attempting to save this piece of land for a pump track for local kids, the San Diego Housing commission (SDHC) surprised supporters of the track their plan to develop the roughly 5 acres and put in 78 units of affordable housing.

     We feel that the residents of the community should have the right to be consulted on public/private policies, plans and initiatives affecting our neighborhood as we all have a common goal to preserve and improve our neighborhood. We, the residents, feel neglected that we were not asked to participate in this decision until it was already well under way. There has been a lot of debates on Nextdoor and community fb groups focusing only on a small part of the issue... the affordable housing. Residents have been labeled with the acronym NIMBY (not in my back yard). That is just not the case.

     We are residents against development whether it’s Low income/affordable housing or another multimillion dollar condo development. We are supporters of open space... and recognize the lack of remaining natural open space in the peninsula area. We respect the wishes of the original land owner, David Collier, who gifted the land to the city in 1909 as park land. We respect the history and culture of the space as it has been used by the community as a park and open space for decades.

     Now we have decided to take our position one step further. Property owners and residents of the Peninsula community have chosen to appeal directly to San Diego citizens to help save Famosa Canyon from the eminent threat of development. We have started a petition to stop the planned development and rezone the canyon once and for all as a open space park. 

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